5 ways to wear an anorak

So to be honest I never thought that I would be making a post on anoraks mainly because they have haunted me since my college days, I had a grudge against them because everyone wore them. If you went to a college with greek life you will know that a monogrammed anorak was like a rite of passage. Any way ever since being forced to look at them on any relatively cloudy day for four years, I just never touched the things. However, as you can tell by the title I have changed my tune and wanted to share a few different ways to style one. I happened to pic the sunniest and hottest of days to shoot these looks so pardon my squinting and light sheen, lol.



Jeans- mango

Flats- Chloé


Sweater and bag- thrifted

Shoes- Nike

Sweats- Phat Buddha


belt and cardigan: thrifted

Red heels- Steve Madden

Red flats- Arche

Skirt: Forever21


Dress, belt and bag- thrifted

Boots- Via Spiga


Top: Ann Taylor

Pants: Club Monaco

Bag: thrifted

Shoes: same as in my

Summer OOTD: gingham&&gripes

Hi again!

I have not thrown away my resolve yet! All of this is still a learning process for me. Lesson #1- don’t “relaunch” your blog when you don’t have a good bit of content pre-planned and ready to go. Lesson #2- when you realize you don’t have the content yet don’t beat yourself up just go at your pace and readjust going forward.

I do have other fun content coming, but I wanted to post a quick OOTD, to show what I wore this Memorial day.

I know that this is super hipster of me but I have to say that I loved gingham when everyone still hated it. I remember finding this awesome pair of gingham flats at the Goodwill like 6 years ago, and I wore them til the wheels fell off. I have yet to find a pair of gingham flats to replace them :/, However my hankering for gingham subsided a few years back when I walked into Zara and the racks were taken over by the print and its cousin, seersucker. My southern girl roots reemerged that day. Anyway since then I have noticed the trend coming back every spring/summer and this year is no different. I paired this dress that was thrifted, but originally from Zara with a straw bag (another summer classic), and tan slides. Now that I think of it the whole outfit was thrifted.

Now to my gripes. There is only one which is that I had to work on Memorial day so my super cute BBQ outfit was stuck inside. This is also why I wanted to get an outfit of the day. This was the epitome of wasting an outfit on an insignificant day (ya’ll know that quote ;] )

Now what you probably came for anyway- The pics.

Also you should listen to You and I- Toro y Moi while you scroll 🙂

did you click play?

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Dress: thrifted (zara) similar here

Bag: thrifted similar here cheaper option here

Belt: thrifted (barney’s ny) similar here (its genuine lizard like the one I found thrifting! but any tan belt will work)

Slides: thirfted (c.h bass & co) exact sandals here


Thanks for reading guys! Have you had any gripes this week? I’d love to hear you vent, also if you’re feeling social, follow me on intagram @whyineedafairygodmother where I post other things like outfits, more thoughts, more music, and other stuff.


Until next time.

Much Love,

Ebonee xo

How To Get to Know Someone

Does the fact that you keep coming back to something mean that you really want to do it? I guess it depends on who you ask. For me if I can’t shake something, that means that somewhere inside of me it hasn’t been fulfilled. What about for you?

In an effort to appease the blogger I know is inside of me and that I have never fully developed here I am three years older and starting again. I figured it was only right to start right with another get to know me post. Here’s  my first get to know me if you wanna check it out.

So let’s get into it…


Honestly I think the idea that you will ever fully get to know someone is a tall order. I think that no matter how long you’ve known someone you’ll never fully get to now them. I guess what people really mean when they say they want to get to know you it’s really to see how much of you is inline or compatible with what they know about themselves. Where can you share common ground, where can you challenge each other, where can you expand their mind or vice versa?

The main way to do this is through time and experiences together and most obviously questions!

I found some questions online that are supposed to help someone get to know me so I’m gonna answer them, should you read my answers, let me know in the comments if you think they’ve actually helped you feel like you know me any more or less


  1. Are you named after anyone?  In case you didn’t know my name is Ebonee. I was not named after anyone, even though my mom used to tease me and say she named me after Ebenezer Scrooge from a Christmas Carol, this used to upset me because I was terrified of her thinking I was mean.
  2. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I think that I would definitely want to be a friend of myself. I grew up an only child (my parents had my little brother when I was 16!) so my childhood was mostly alone, I think because I didn’t grow up with siblings I really invest in all of my friendships, some times too much. That being said I would love to have me as a friend because I know my friendship would mean a lot.
  3. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Noooooo, never 😉
  4. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Even though it sounds super shallow, honestly the first thing I notice is what someone is wearing. Not in a judgy way, but my mind is so fashion wired that I cannot help it. I literally remember things based on what I or someone else was wearing. (ex. I know you said that because I remember I was wearing that dress lol )
  5. Favorite smells? fresh coffee, old books, rain, and new school supplies, especially new school supplies I used to unpack all of my supplies into my backpack and legit stick my head in it to smell them. I know someone can relate.
  6. Scary movie or happy endings? HAPPY ENDINGS. I do everything in my power to ensure that I watch only rom coms, comedies, or like disney films. My reasoning is that I live real life, I know how hard it is, sad it can be, and problems that it can bring up. If I am watching a movie for my enjoyment and entertainment I don’t want it to be realistic, I want to laugh and/or happy cry.
  7. What’s your favorite drink, animal, perfume? black tea with sugar and the powdered nondairy creamer, penguins, Angel Muse by Thierry Mugler.
  8. How would you describe your fashion sense? I would say feminine, a little boho, a little vintage, colorful. trendy grandma basically.
  9. If money were no object, what would you get for your nextbirthday? I would plan a trip around the Mediterranean with all of my friends!
  10. What’s you favorite thing to have for breakfast? I hate breakfast.

At the risk of seeming narcissistic here are some pics of me!

That’s all I have for now, have you gotten to know me? Comment your answers to any of these questions or any of your thoughts on my answers!

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gucci&&fresh starts

Hi Everyone!

Since my last post I am happy to say that things have leveled out for me, financially and mentally (the two are often more connected than we care to admit, me included.) Anyway one thing I learned is that when you pick to abruptly change your path in life, whether that is quitting your job, ending a relationship or switching your major, you have to go through a period of reset. That part is not easy. The only thing that kept me from beating myself up about my decision is that no matter how hard things were getting financially or how far down the hole I let myself get mentally, I never thought that being back at my old job would get me to the next stage in the life that I’m trying to create for myself. No matter how much my circumstances tried to paint the picture that I had taken a step backwards, deep inside I felt like I was taking a step forward. Yes, my new job pays a fraction of what I was making before but I’m working in fashion, one of the few things in this life that excites my soul, I’m actually lucky to be able to say that.

While it is a small consignment shop I get to be surrounded by luxury fashion and others who love it as much as I do. In the life that I picture for myself, being immersed in fashion is a part of it. Today when I look around that’s exactly what I am. This to me is validation that I made the right decision. Not to mention that I have the time to dedicate to my blog that I did when I first started and was being consistent. This also excites me because this blog is where I can mesh the three things that I never tire of: fashion, writing and music. (as Paramore’s We Are Broken from Riot blares in my headphones). Funnily enough the lyrics “give us life again, cause we just wanna be whole” totally resonate with how I felt before I quit my job; drained and- aside from the amazing people I met there- unfulfilled. I said earlier that any big change is accompanied by a reset, resets are never easy (think about those tiny reset buttons on old gaming devices), but thank the lord up above that after that difficulty comes a fresh new opportunity to try again. And for that I am grateful.

Another awesome perk of my job is that is has enabled me to buy my first designer item. You can see it in the pictures below. It is a beautiful Gucci python bag, pretty miniature in size and a check off of my fashion girl list (to buy my first designer bag). Watch the video to hear more about how I got it. If you like it please do subscribe!

MUSIC: I picked the song playing right now because it’s refreshing and pleasant. It just sounds like fresh start doesn’t it?

Comment down below either your first designer purchase or the freshest sounding song you know (or both =P)

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m3 preset

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much love,

Ebonee xo







friends&&new york 

Speak of the devil, my previous post which I just posted last night touched on the subject of me being financially strapped but happy. Today is a test of that statement, I woke up and they had turned off my phone service. My past due balance is 134 I have 76.41 in my bank account. Ironically I was excited when I saw the seventy bucks in my account. I was feeling great because that’s more than I’ve had left over after paying bills to live on for two weeks until I get paid again. And believe me it is, because a while back I would have absolutely no money to tide me over. So essentially living paycheck to paycheck. While I’m still living paycheck to paycheck having more left over is an indication to me that I’m doing better. That is until this morning when a bill I thought I was okay on, reared its ugly head. So now I’m gonna be without a phone for two weeks until I get paid again because Angela at ATT stuck to her story that she couldn’t help me. And honestly I’m not mad at anyone but myself for not completely squaring everything away or checking on it just to make sure. That being said who knows when this will go up I guess I’ll have to find some wifi. 🙃

Anyway at the beginning of November my friends came to visit NYC from Florida. We stayed in Queens which called for one heck of a trek every time we went out for an activity. We did all the typical out of towner stuff. The highline, Central Park, brunch, Times Square. We danced on stages, hustled some guys in a game of pool, stayed out til 5am every night, and wandered the village while feeling hazy partly because of the mist in the air but mostly because of the bottomless mimosas.
They came at the perfect time because I needed something to break up the negative record in my head playing tracks of loneliness, regret, and self doubt. It’s amazing what good friends can bring. For me it was encouragement, conversation, laughter, support, and while brief, a much needed escape, and long over due reunion.
Here’s to friends who pick you up when you’re down, and scold you if you try to stay down.

Outfit one:

Velvet button up:  thrifted

Satin skirt: I got this at animal kingdom in Disney, in the Asia section right outside of the Everest rollercoaster 😂

Satin top: H&M really old, but it was ten bucks

Boots: DSW

Bag: thrifted

Outfit two:

Jeans&jean jacket: Levi’s

Sweater: stolen from my mom

Bag: thrifted

Scarf: a gift

Boots: Windsor, they took an L that day because we walked the entire highline and all around the LES, I lost a heel cap 😩

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I found a cafe with wifi so yay! Five phoneless days to go. Wish me luck. I could use that fairy godmother right about now ✨
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Much love,




In true me fashion, I’m late with the fall posts. These were taken in October and I am baffled at the fact that it has taken me three months to post them here. I know I mentioned a while back how I recently quit my job because I was unhappy. Though I do place my happiness above all else, I can’t say that it has been easy. I feel like I have taken a step back in a way because I left a well paying salaried job with no other backups. Now we can all agree that that wasn’t necessarily the smartest thing to do and I have definitely learned from it. I wasn’t without a job for long, but it is back down to an hourly pay. In this sense I feel like I’ve regressed when all I want to do is move forward in life. To go from no money worries to crying in my car because I was afraid I’d run out of gas before I made it home is definitely trying on my sanity. And again it’s not a pity type of thing because it was my decision and honestly I don’t think I would change it if I could. Because at the end of the day before I had no money worries but I still wasn’t moving forward. I was moving forward in the areas that society tells me are important to move forward in but at the cost of what my soul tells me to move forward in. And I’ll be damned if there isn’t a way to mesh the two. So yes I’m having a hard time especially financially but when it comes down to it I still have everything I need and am able to afford to live. I have a bed, a car, a job, an awesome support system, faith and the lord. In the grand scheme of things I’m blessed. If I wake up that’s a blessing. I believe we do things for a reason, the hard part, for me at least, is waiting for the reason to be revealed. I don’t doubt that leaving my old job was the right decision, now I just have to be patient, work hard, maintain my faith and I know only good can come from it.

To any others reading this and going through a struggle, keep your head up. I know it’s hard.

So these photos are from my trip to a farm where I went in a hay ride, roasted marshmallows and drank watered down apple cider. I also went through a corn maze in these shoes. I only tripped once 😜 #pro

Top: ancient from American Eagle

Pants: Nordstrom

Duster&scarf: my aunt’s she got it at a random boutique

Shoes: Target (also ancient)

Backpack: also my aunt’s from Calvin Klein

Also I just wanted to mention that I know a lot of the stuff I wear or post is not available for you to purchase, but that’s not really my goal, I just want to lend some inspiration. If I ever have something that is available I will link it, but here you’ll find most things are just to spark some ideas for yourself. My passions are writing, music and fashion and those are things I will bring you.

If you made it this far I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed!

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Much Love, 



fall&&a little late 

This is very late but I wanted to share the other two outfits from a little fun I had with making a fall lookbook. As fall is coming to and end these outfits may need a little weather proofing but I promise they were sufficient when I actually wore them 😉 

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to watch the lookbook! If pictures are worth a thousand words I wonder how many words a video is worth🤔 

If you made it this far thanks! I hope you come back. I’m starting a new series called Why I Need A Fairygodmother Wednesdays where y’all can drool with me over some awesome items! Get ready, then maybe one of us will be! 

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Much Love, 



I’m not gonna write a long post about why I’ve been gone, let’s just say that imposed expectations of life led me away from my truth and living my passion. Responsibility is all mine and I’m back on track. Hope you enjoy these snaps from my day in the park 💛

P.s don’t forget that yellow is on trend this season. So many ways to rock this hue, I went with a mustard bodysuit. Lemme know how y’all are wearing yellow this season 

P.p.s I’m over the moon about this because yellow is my all time favorite color 😁

If you made it this far thanks and I hope you’ll come back 😆


Mustard bodysuit: thrifted (Similar)

Kimono: thrifted (Similar)

Skirt: Zara (Similar)

Boots: Report (Similar)

Bag: thrifted (Similar) *this link goes to Etsy the item may be sold but etsy on general is a good bet bc the bag is vintage! 

Sunnies: Target (Similar)


Instagram: @ebonee.g

YouTube: Ebonee Gatlin 
Much Love, 


Log cabins&&snowdays

Today I played like a kid in the snow it was refreshing as anything carefree usually is. I saw all the toys in the yard and decided to take a vacation to a log cabin. All it took was a little imagination (think spongebob when you say that 😜). Compared to yesterday I’m feeling a lot more grounded and more of that hope is peeking through, sometimes all you need is a good bit of absolute presence to clear your mind and recenter yourself. 

Scarf: gift (pacsun?)

Leggings: Victoria’s Secret 

Boots: DSW

Sunnies: Tommy Hilfiger 

Everything else is thrifted! 

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Much Love,



Here’s a mood board I made today, really just reflecting my own personal mood lately which has been a mix of woe is me and hope, definitely a weird combo.I’m getting really sick of winter over staying its welcome like a diva, I think it’s about time that spring took the stage, and winter retired gracefully. This collage is just a feeling that I am looking forward to, a feeling of new beginnings and not having to shovel my car out of the snow. I can’t wait to experience the city in the warmer months when everything is more carefree and easy. Winter is a time to reflect but spring is a time to grow and God knows I’ve been waiting forever to blossom.

SIDENOTE: That beautiful Dior D-Fence saddle bag is why I’ve been needing a fairy godmother lately, from the summer 2017 collection it’s just gorgeous, thinking of so many outfits this could be the star of, can you blame me?? bippity- boppity-please appear in my closet!

p.s for all of y’all who turn to music when you’re in a funk, or more honestly just any time (because there is never a bad time for a jam session), you’ll appreciate the fact that the song playing now, is exactly how I feel, upbeat tempo somber-ish lyrics. It’s called Something Goes Right by SBTRKT and in a weird mood or not this song is gold.

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Much Love,


p.s.s. here are some bonus pics from a day I got bored and dressed up.