So, I don’t know if it’s only me or if it’s just a stage in life that everyone my age goes through, but for the past year or so I could swear that I am a hypochondriac. I have a headache in one spot for too long, it’s a brain tumor, I’m out of breath its about to be a heart attack, my muscles twitch its MS. and disclaimer, I understand that all of theses things are serious and not joking matters, and that there are people who suffer from hypochondria in ways much worse than my self-diagnosed (most definitely inaccurate) case. That being said, I still feel slightly psychotic because I really did have these thoughts. Although deep down I knew I was okay, the anxiety and monster that is thought did take me one quite a ride these last few months. Much to my relief this ride has ended thanks to perfect blood results and many consultations with my bible. I talked with my mom and aunt about it and to my surprise they both said around my age they thought they were dying too. That brings me to the question: what is it about being in your early twenties that makes you want to die? For me as a recent college grad AKA a dazed and confused millennial stumbling around adulthood like I just woke up, its the big gaping uncertainty of what my life will be. I am a firm believer that you can be whatever you want in life (yes, I’m one of those “the sky is the limit” people). You would think that this would make my world all rosy and happy., but in fact the exact opposite is true. Really believing that I can have anything I want in life has been crippling! If I can do/be anything where do I start, what do I want? Endless possibilities equals endless worrying for me. I think maybe we have to come to the point of “dying” to realize that this is really the time for us to live, unattached and unapologetically. Cheers to life!
Anyway, this lavender pleated back top was a find at Forever 21, I saw it and immediately fell in love with the unexpected detail as well as the color! I think pastels will still be in for fall so don’t fear the traditionally spring-ish color. I paired it with my go to boyfriend jeans from Nordstrom which are Jolt brand, jeweled sandals and a woven metallic grey bag I got while thrifting (I love grey with any pastel). Finally problably my favorite piece besides the top it self is a baby blue (serenity- if you follow pantone) lace bralette(also from F21). I love how it teases through the top but doesn’t show too much!
What are your thoughts on pastels in fall?
p.s. see if you can spot my friend the selfie stick, who was used to take these photos


If you made it this far I want to genuinely thank you for reading! My next post will be here soon, hopefully you will too!
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