Day Trip: St. Augustine, FL

Being that I’m a person with both extreme wanderlust and few pennies to spare, I find myself constantly drooling over insta pics of strangers and their seemingly endless travels. Sometimes before I can catch myself I start bashing my own situation (i.e. ugh I wish I had somewhere cool to go or I’d have cool pictures too if I could travel..) BASICALLY being the kind of person I would least like to be. Luckily these pity parties don’t last too long because I have too much to be grateful for to spend my time complaining. But recently after a few too many of these mental slips, I realized that if your really think about it, everywhere can be a destination, it’s all about discovering the magic that is already accessible to you. If you look at your hometown and the surrounding areas make extra effort to find the places that feel special, they’re everywhere, trust me.You just have to be willing see them.

After this realization I was eager to start uncovering the interesting in my boring. My hometown is Jacksonville, FL which happens to be very close to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S. Here are some snaps from the time I stopped complaining and started exploring.



Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset



Dress: Band of Gypsies from Nordstrom, this dress is really old but here are some of my favorites that are available now.


Shoes: Calvin Klein from the thrift store

Bag: thrift store

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Much Love, Ebonee

2 thoughts on “Day Trip: St. Augustine, FL

  1. Lovely place and lovely outfit! Don’t think about the places where people goes, you never know what the future has got ready for you and they might travel a lot but lacking on some other things. Be grateful you are lucky to have such a beautiful hometown 🙂 RLotour xx

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