For my job tuesdays are my mondays and we all hate Mondays. So it’s no wonder today is the day of throwback jams for me, they can’t help but brighten your mood. I pulled from my pop punk days this time and had Cute is What We Aim For’s Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch on repeat. The number of times I listened to this cd on the bus with one earbud because my friend had the other is in the triple digits. Here is a link to the album. I can pretty much say that it taught me how to throw shade. If you’ve heard it you’ll know what I mean 😜

Another cheerful subject is that today it was finally cool enough in Florida to resemble fall. I took full advantage of the opportunity to pull out my favorite thigh high suede boots. I paired it with a paisley printed garnet dress and loose knitted cropped hoodie and a neutral belt to finish. Sometimes throwing a sweater of any kind on top of an old dress is just what’s needed to make it new again and adding a belt ensures you don’t lose your shape. 

Boots: Windsor (old)

Dress: Forever 21 (old)

Hoodie: Kohl’s (old)

What are some ways y’all like to jazz up your dresses? Comment below! 

Also follow me on instagram if you please 🙂 @whyineedafairygodmother

Much love,

Ebonee Gatlin

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