NOVEMBER:trends,favs, lessons&more


I am back with one hefty post! I decided to do a monthly favorites, so that I can have all of the things that tickled my fancy the previous month in one place! Also to share with y’all the things that I’ve been loving, I have named this little series my monthly [EB]SESSIONS. A play on my name =] Anyway, if you are interested to see what caught my attention this month from fashion to life lessons, continue reading!



For me in a weird way the rules of the seasons don’t apply, this is because I live in FL a place where the changing of the seasons is debatable. We have super hot, less hot, cool, and “cold”(67 degrees) as our seasons and we have the occasional freezing day when we actually get winter temperatures. That being said I can pretty much wear what  I want all year round, and it’s actually a struggle to feel like its cold enough to wear my boots, which is sad because styling different boots is so entertaining to me. I’ve been alternating between three different pairs of boots this month: brown suede thigh highs, black leather over-the-knees, and black heeled and studded booties. (all of which are pictured on my instagram @whyineedafairygodmother if you are interested to see how I styled them). I’ve also carried the off-the-shoulder trend into the cooler months by wearing it in knit form!Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I recently purchased a pair of plain high-waisted black skinny jeans, and am oh so happy that I did. I reach for them so much more often than I expected to. They are so versatile style wise and there’s just something about a simple pair of black jeans. I got mine at F21 for 7.99  :o, but seeing as how I now see them as a staple I am on the lookout for a more investment pair!

Bottom line: fashion this month for me has been about knits, boots, and black jeans. 

What items have you been loving this month?



If you didn’t know, I love music. There is so much that I can say about it that I just won’t say anything, this is a short playlist of songs that made me happy this month.





This month I have learned that sometimes there are things that need to be said, even if you are afraid it is always worth it to clear your mind (assuming you aren’t intentionally trying to hurt someone) most of the time the things your are bursting to say but are hesitant to, are the things that need to be said the most. We’ve all been there and recently I had my turn in dealing with this sort of situation. A conversation needed to be had, and I knew it, but I was also totally nervous about it. You know when you know you have to do something but your body does everything it can to resist (because of fear, not real intuition) and you are in a constant state of slight nausea? Yeah that was me. I think i was worried about the consequences since my feelings were involved and I knew that saying what I had to say would be putting aside what I wanted for what I knew was right. Unfortunately the right thing to do is not always the the thing you want to do. This time in particular I made the right decision a little more begrudgingly than usual. I don’t know about you but I occasionally get fed up with always taking the high road or sacrificing what I want to protect the feelings of others or to do whats right. In the short term i always seem to get the short end of the stick or to come up empty handed, the key here is the short term, because I also know that there is a difference between seeming to lose out and actually losing. I know through experience that doing the right thing even when it feels like you are giving up something you want, ALWAYS pays off in the long run. It may take a while to see the payoff, but the moral of the story is this November I learned to speak up especially when its hard and to trust that doing the right thing will never do you wrong.

In the meantime I’ll be waiting for the pay off I know is on its way, god willing.



Being the lover of fashion that I am, I cannot complete this post without a small list of things that are currently on my radar


Untitled #77



If by any chance you made it all the way down here I want to give a genuine thank you for joining me and reading what I have to share.

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until next time,

Much love, 




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