Ootn&&one year older 

 Last weekend, December 17th to be exact I turned 23!!! Yay! I’m am very blessed and thankful to God that I made it another year 🙂 23 seems a weird age to me, it’s not as exciting as 21 or 25 but somehow I feel this year to be significant. I can tangibly feel the change in my atmosphere and it is definitely welcomed. I’m happy to know that I’ll be moving from Florida to New Jersey( then New York 😜) in the next couple months, talk about a change in scenery (and climate 😳). I’m excited for this transitional period of my life and am more than game for the successes and challenges 23 will surely bring. Without rambling too much and at the risk of being sappy I’ll just leave y’all with a few snaps from my night out to celebrate! 

Cheers to my next rotation around the sun 🌞

Much Love, 


If you’re bored you can follow me on instagram @whyineedafairygodmother 


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