Here’s a mood board I made today, really just reflecting my own personal mood lately which has been a mix of woe is me and hope, definitely a weird combo.I’m getting really sick of winter over staying its welcome like a diva, I think it’s about time that spring took the stage, and winter retired gracefully. This collage is just a feeling that I am looking forward to, a feeling of new beginnings and not having to shovel my car out of the snow. I can’t wait to experience the city in the warmer months when everything is more carefree and easy. Winter is a time to reflect but spring is a time to grow and God knows I’ve been waiting forever to blossom.

SIDENOTE: That beautiful Dior D-Fence saddle bag is why I’ve been needing a fairy godmother lately, from the summer 2017 collection it’s just gorgeous, thinking of so many outfits this could be the star of, can you blame me?? bippity- boppity-please appear in my closet!

p.s for all of y’all who turn to music when you’re in a funk, or more honestly just any time (because there is never a bad time for a jam session), you’ll appreciate the fact that the song playing now, is exactly how I feel, upbeat tempo somber-ish lyrics. It’s called Something Goes Right by SBTRKT and in a weird mood or not this song is gold.

Thanks again for reading if you are! For more follow me on instagram I’m not as moody there ;] @whyineedafairygodmother

Much Love,


p.s.s. here are some bonus pics from a day I got bored and dressed up. 



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